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Forum Updates 2.0

now that swar is back perhaps one night me and him could talk on msn, and he could teach me shit and update the forums n make them l33t, like jsut buckle down and pimp the forums one night yamean?

1.Arcade (update to latest version if not updated)
-all games except classics removed (please post if you want a game to be kept) and new ones added, please make suggestions from this list:;c=11&st=80 (use the search function)
some games that will be added: Metal Slug 2: Rampage, Metal Slug: Flash, Gems Hexic Revisited, Tetris, Archery 2000. Helicopter, Mario Adventure 2
games that will stay(feel free to add to the list): Yeti Penguin, Bloody Penquin, Castle Defend, Ho Slapping

2.Casino(first will be removed, then we can try to install an updated version, if it still doesnt work then we can jsut get rid of it and move on)

3.Advertisements between the banner and start of forum and at the bottom mod install

4.Awards System (i wanna test it and see how it is)
thats it for now

ill update more later

oooo Advertisements.. At least your now whoreing us out to 102392198302189 viagra advertisements that gay up the computer..

better be advertising i love newyork season 2 jk
i want it to advertise kiddie porn!

You best put up a gta server with that ad money.

Swar's actually back, but he ain't on too much

oke. i'll update..