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Add/merge a links forum so we can have a place to discuss cool websites and tools?

  • yes (83.33%, 10 Votes)
  • no (16.67%, 2 Votes)
Number of votes: 12

was thinking i should create a cool websites/links forum and also a video forum to talk about that stuff like youtube vids n shit, also i could activate the rating system for them, so there would be a star rating on each topic (for people to rate the videos,links,pictures etc)

feedback PLOX

Well, sounds interesting but I don't think it's really necessary

The video forum would be cool but the links forum would probably suck. Every reply would be "It's a bit cOLD in here" and it would take away from the general forum.

What Jedi said.

you guys have not seen the arsenel of cool shit i have to offer yet then

seriously we can do a trials and if we like it we keep if we dont we get rid of

fix arcade and casino lulz

i like both but videos better

surez.. we need more toys anyways

Make a porn add-on to the forum

they both sound like good ideas, it would take away from the general forums but i dont think itll matter that much

Well General discussion is what we are always in. To mee seems like the rest of the forums are rarely touched

yeah but maybe it will spur activity in other forums / put less used forums to use

if we do then someone would fill it with gay and/or child porn!

Child porn? Dude wtf, is everyone turning into a child molester?

Did i not get the memo?

ill send you a copy