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others? suggestions?

heres some shit i was thinking of

i wanted to add the temple of knowledge, that way war people can learn how to do awsome stuff, whatever you want to make us badass, idk if you guys even want to learn anything, but im gunna post shit, maybe you will find it interesting.

what else should i add?

i feel like there needs to be some bs forums at the bottom that no one really posts on lol

that way people will still check out the middle section lol

what would you liek to talk about?
vip stuff? drugs? sex? bees?

What about Rune?


rune talk goes in pc games since pc games would have even less if it didnt have rune talk
we should play rune again though

Still say a Sega section under games >.>

But uh, sex forums should get interesting.

no sega is for fags you can talk about sega under OTHER

how about a money making forum?

named "making bank"

fuck that mickeymouse shit . . .just have a categorie Called "WOAH"
that way it can be used for any thing and every thing . . .lol my 1st post on it would be me talking about my currently favourite porn movie

lol maybe ill make a +18 forum

but then jedi wont have anything to fap to

well it dont have to be a about that just "WOAH" in general
and as for my 1st post that was just off the top of my head no. . .id have it like what could WOAH abreviate W.Women

could also make an anonymous board, or they could be the same thing, anonymous board - post anything/say anything except (child pron + murder/suicide vids)

i can install a mod that will make a board like that, your name wll be switched to anoymous and no sig or anything like that

that would be cool