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k so heres what the kid was saying at the war event that made me flip out on him

Brian:I treat u rite bro Im all about hiding

Me: what the fuck? bro leave me the fuck alone Jesus fucking Christ u r prob the most annoying person I've ever met but never said more then a word to idk what ur fuckin problem is when ive never talked to u & this is getting so god damn annoying leave me the fuck alone Kbye

Brian: Fine b like that i thought i was texting brandon daily im sry im drunk no disrespect sry I did not mean to text u i have so many brandons in my phone sry honest I will leave u alone but the next person that says ur gay i wont stand up 4 u cuz thats all i do cuz ur mad chill if u got 2 no me ud like me as a friend bro, Discrimination. ur nothing 2 me i was nice an ur a prick u think ur better ur not

Me: lmfaoooo get over urself & stop fucking sending me msgs u fuckin fags & thinking everything discrimination. leave me alone & stop fuckin talkin about me to everyone so god damn annoying

Brian: I wasnt hitting on u ever im gay just wanted a friend Wait till i see u 4 callin me a fag U dont no me now u will. it was a wrong text as u say a fag will show u like it is

Me: Jesus fuckin Christ what part of fuckin leave me alone don't u get holy fucking shit. get over urself & just leave me alone idk what part of don't send me msgs u don't fuckin get

Brian: I did nothing 2 u whem 1 would say things i stood up 4 u an u treat me like this ask ur friends Ppl like u. .im better then u i no so much about u think about last december Dont push me i no all about u from ur friends at this point i dont care. u better hope i dont see cuz i will call u out i been nothin but respectful 2 u Ur an evil fuck an u dont want 2 fuck wit the fag 1 as u would say

Me: do u fucking read? lol or r u retarded I said LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE that doesn't mean txt me or tell me ur gunna talk to me that means don't bother me & go back to not knowing me

Brian: Fine fagget fuck u an have a nice day i hope u rott in hell u will b judged cuz u judged me The worst thing u could have said was fag that hurts me allot. worst thing u could ever say ill see u 2m Sry 4 texting u. have a good nite. 1 ? may i ask why u hate me please thats all i ask. i wont talk look or anything an again im sry i will say it does h urt when u call me a fag goodnite

but wait theres more!

so after all that shit at the war event the kids told his mom that i called him a fag, and he cried about it. so his mom (the kid is 26 btw) comes into my work while im working and tells me shes going to call the cops on me and "get me arrested for calling her son a fag" so i laughed at her then told her to 'shut the fuck up and get the hell out of the store bc i didnt need her shit when i was working' , so my other friend came over and helped her out so i got my evening manager to get her out of the fucking store before i choked the bitch out cuz she looks like ur stereotypical trailerpark chainsmoking waitress bitch, and started talking really loudly next to her about how she said shed get me arrested, and they were gunna kick her out but she left, so the next time she comes into my work she gets escorted out lol and the fucking kid keeps asking my friend if hes talked to me since ive called him a fag! like this kid does not know how to leave somone the fuck alone even after i like sonned him out pretty badly.

Funniest shit ever

Wow, man, that is fuckin annoying. I woulda flipped sooner, I mean, how many fuckin times does one have to repeat him-fuckin-self? Fuck

Come on guise im frandly :3