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Fixing Up a Computer Yerrp

Our family's computer from last year was being kept at our old house for storage and I decided to retrieve it. Everyone in our house uses laptops because according to them it works just as well as a desktop. So I have the desktop now and I'm going to be upgrading and hopefully have it done before the end of summer. This thread is just to keep track.

eMachine with XP Pro
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+ 2.21 GHz
182 GB total space
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 video card

Also going to fix broken usb ports, new monitor (hopefully two +), new mouse and keyboard.



my first computer looked exactly like that one.

wow im running that same one right now had to add 2.0 USB to it just to run my external HD douse yours have a Burner too [top and bottom Burn] i dug mine from the bacement my family is hard on PC's they fuck them up i had to wipe the HD 2 times this year now i dont let the pukes use them any more like the DELL i have i had to replace the ethernet card sound card and motherboard just so they can fucken yeah

my boy ambalamps movin up in the world.from slangin dat ice to puttin in work on dem computers i see ya boy

Well I found out the computer I have can't really be upgraded. You have to use eMachine parts or something like that. But now I'm going to build one.