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FINAL LEGEND : The smmary/spoilers thread for those who wish to know how it ends

The Devil Seeker Saga
Ok, basically what happens here, An evil priest resurrects this tower which acts as a gateway to hell.
Demons invade earth and whatnot and put humanity into unholy slavery/genocide. The people pray and hope upon an holy sword and shield in hope that some archangel will save them, but the angel never comes.

So, Leon's( <- the main character) Dad( Sigfried ) takes the sword and shield, gathers his vassals and sets out to destroy the evil.

Months pass and Leon and friends try to survive and hide from the demons, although supplies are running short. Their last hope is to escape the city.

So they hip,hop skip around and slash and hack at demons and escape the city into the nearby wilderness.
Here they hip hop skip around into the mountain, there they hack and slash through some undead fuckers.
again the hip hop skip around until they make it into the inner keep of the tower and see Leon's dying father.

They then have a father/son dramatic moment as leon's dad commends leon on how he fought his way there.
Leon is then handed devilseeker and valor the holy sword and shield.

Leon and co. then hip hop skip around and clumsily stab the shit out of the evil priest who mutated into a demon, although when they get there they find that they are too late and the priestess ( who was very HAWT) is dead. Leon has an emo moment, but then something snaps in his head..
hair grows on hi chest and his voice deepens like sylvester stallones
he then says, " I'll cry when i'm done killin' "

Leon, now in Macho-Man mode shanks the living shit out of the main portal with the devilseeker and also with a little help from some elbow grease.

the tower then begins to collapse and explode, and as leon ran and leaped off the tower( in super slomo) , he made this face the entire time  >8(

He then gets a boat with him and his FRANDS and they set sail for the mainland.

They then go ona crusade slaying undead fuckers and whatnot, and then trip over and stumble upon S8n's lair. they then hack and slash the shit out moar undead fuckers until they enter gates of hell, they then take a dramatic pause and Leon says in a naraative voice ( all macho like ), " We were in Hell, surrounded by all it's lawless minions"

They then see some demons close on them and they get surrounded and stuff, then some heavy metal music with some techno added starts playing as the start hacking and slashing and dodging shit like crazy with some super slomo intervals, not to mention with blood,ass,fingers and guts flying EVERYWHERE as they mow through hell's minions.

Now, how three warriors slay over 9000 demons is beyond me.

So yeah they walk up to s8n and s8n says " not even death can save you from me" in this mighty demonic voice only afterward to have his ass so totally handed to him by Leon.

Then s8n dies an lets out this scream and hell is pretty much caving in on it's own titties, our heroes have nowhere to go ro run to, but they then get saved by the archangel michael and some purple faggot i've never seen before.

also the whole time in this battle leon makes this face, >8( 

Leon get's teleported to Rp-Towns and gets his ass lost in the REAL Hell this time, and for awhile of screamign and post traumatic stress disorder type flashbacks whilst in hell, Leon finds a light and makes it back to rp-towns.


RP Towns Saga  Aka  Ivandyl Saga

Basically, the first bit of this story is the laying down of the plot and the building up of a team of hardcore motherfuckers.

So, this time around, we got the player ( you ), Belial, Leon and Cecil. We are also on a different landmass now, no longer are we on Thule ( That's the continent where the devilseeker saga happens ) but on the island chain known as Ivandyl.

Now that we are aquianted on where the story is happening, i shall continue.

You and your FRANDS go ona  quest to rescue Cecil's sword from the greedy dwarves, who for some reason converted to judaism.

So you and your frands fight through a treacherous cavern and have a wrestlin' match with Andras near the end of the cavern ( a boss fight, how cliche )
They then hip hop skip around in some dark ass woods filled with spooky as hell demon-motherfuckas, then take camp inside some kind of a cavern

As you sleep you have some weird ass dream about some guy named Zepar who wants to you engage into sexual intercourse with some stone.

You tell Leon of this dream, and of course his response as the generic paladin of the crew is, " ( insert something a paladin would say) "

you all then hip hop skip around and STUMBLE THE FUCK INTO THE DWARVEN FORT.
You then proceed to kick the dwarf king in the gnads and Cecil finishes the job by taking a wicked shit-piss on the dwarf king's chest.

Cecil then gets his sword back so he can continue his epic PWNAGE of the dragons/demons/jews, the sword then gives off some kind of glow unlike the purple faggot we've seen before.

Now you all hip hop skip around on a quest for the some undead dragon bitch, who apparently is inside some dungeon that we've all seen before.

So it's all dark 'n shit, and your all hacking and slashing through demons 'n shit, and the floor is made of corpses 'n shit. Theres also like these burning upside down crosses and pentagrams everywhere 'n shit.
Also Cecil practically dick slaps the heads off of demons 'n shit with his [s]new sword[/s] Cock.

Cecil then has a wrasslin' match with his age old [s]nemesis[/s] [s]butt-buddy[/s] mortal enemy, the Jew-Dragon, who is aparrenlty undead and pukes up really venomous blood, which is AIDS guaranteed.

Cecil then chops the living shit out the dragon and lops his fucking head off ( again ). Then Jesus comes out of nowhere and says, " Hey yall, you'll be needing these little tools, tee hee hee" then Jesus hands your crew the devilseeker and valor as all of you giggle like little schoolgirls.

You all then proceed deeper into the dungeon to find this room that has a large pentagram  in the middle of it along with a chair and dagger in the center of that pentagram. You all then figure out what needs to be done, and stab yorselves in the throat while in the pentagram.

Your all awakened in soem kind of vortex abyss thing iwth billowing clouds every-fucking-where, and lightning and thunder is just sounding off one after the other. You can also hear some other really generically evil stuff like demonic laughing and moaning.

You all then make it to dry, yet burnt land and see a stairway that has a stone with somethign inscribed on it, it reads,

"Through me the way into the suffering city,
Through me the way to the eternal pain,
Through me the way that runs among the lost.
Justice urged on my high artificer;
My maker was divine authority,
The highest wisdom, and the primal love.
Before me nothing but eternal things were made,
And I endure eternally.
Abandon every hope, ye who enter here."

All this seems to all shits and giggles to Cecil, but everyone else is creeped the fuck out.
also, leon makes this face:      >8(

blah bla bla epic battle through the maze and burning forest of hell, battel as you cross the river styx and Andras helps out a little.

You all finally meet up with that guy, you know that guy im talking of..uhh oh yeha his name was Zepar who is like..Hell lord of suffering and change. Well it turns out Zepar is immune to holy magic, and it tursn out holy magic is the only kind of magic you [s]gays[/s] guys have.

So then you all have sex with the demonstone and convert to s8nism, you all then proceed to have a epic super-saiyin ( however you spell it)  esque battle with Zepar as now you can kick the shit out of him right proper.

Zepar then transforms into some blasphemously divine monsters thats really huge, and hell caves in on it's own tits and transforms into a scenery that looks like the empyrean circle, with green flames and shit swirling all around.

Leon gets his ass killed, and you skullfuck the shit out of Zepar in retaliation. Although as Zepar dies he laughs because he says, " lol u r 2 l8 2 save wurld."

You all then get teleported to heaven for some odd reason, turns out you all eanr the right to be named the champions of earth, the angel's then shed off your demonic forms so that you all look like angelics heroes or some shit. but the point is you become immortal from this. oh yeah, Cecil's demonic flesh scampers off somewhere. ( Hmmm this could be used a stupid plot device in the future!)

Upon your return, however, all is fire and flames, some big ass plateau has risen from the center of the sea and armageddon is happening 'n shit. Tornadoes and shit are everywhere and the skies are red and raining fire. Cecil then says, " Dude, this place is fucked, lets get outta here!"  but then you are all halted by Zepar, who apparently had a fucking phoenix down on him, also he had went to the hyperbolic time chamber and get really ripped for this battle.
You find out that Cecil's [s]cock[/s] sword and the devilseeker dont do jack shit to zepar, and so Cecil uses his amazing powers to control metal to combine devilseeker and einlanzer ( cecil's [s]sword[/s] cock) to make some sword called Final Legend, which is all green and blue and glowing. Cecil then rips the shit out of Zepar, and after that Cecil summons the spirit bomb that powered up over 9000 and banishes Zepar fromt hew rold by totally evaporating his ass.


Ivan and Dyl saga. The fucking prequel.

Ok so these two countries, Ivan and dyl are at civil war, and Cecil gets exiled from his country, as does a few other knights loyal to the real king who was assassinated or some shit.
They then turn sides to join the country of Dyl, which actually aint a bad place at all, and the ruling monarch there just happens to be a really HAWT princess.

They then have a large cavalry style battle in some meadow, a viking style naval battle and a siege type battle at the dwarf fort. Also kind of awkward, these guys have WW1 era technology when it comes to firpower, now how that was forgotten was beyond me.

During the siege at the dwarf fort dragons start coming out, and also the demons lurked from all the way over in Valachia to Ivan and Dyl!!11!1!!!

The dwarves then fashion cecil a nice adamantium [s]cock[/s] sword to go slay these dragons and their dragon king/queen thing.

Then the demons pop out of hiding and totally fucking annihilate Dyl's arch nemesis country, Ivan. All the surviving whores of Ivan then seek refuge at Dyl.

Cecil and his knights then set out to destroy those demonic fuckers, although this is seemingly impossible at the time, so cecil simply pushes them back into this cave/crypt thing and seals them off from the world.

Also while this story is happening, the Angel satros is out on his crusade in Valachia.

END OF Ivan And Dyl Saga.

damn dude you right some crazy but awsome stories, nice use of FRANDS also lol


The year is 1939, the Axis powers at their height as they control most of central Europe. The Nazis, on their latest expedition in search of the lost Aryan kingdom known as Thule, have uncovered some runestone as to where Thule's whereabouts are, they follow the runestone's hints quite closely until they se what just might be the lost continent of Thule.

The Runestone
Basically this runestone thingamajig details about the whereabouts of the mystical Thule, the stone has reliefs of what appears to be horned warriors ( gee, i wonder who they are depicting on this stone) chopping the shit out of people. ( If you thought they were depicting vikings, you're fucking stupid. They are depicting demons on that thar stone)

So the Nazis make it to Thule, although there isnt much left of the place besides some ancient ruins and some old deserted lakeside town. Hmmma lakeside town, eh? now if I remember correctly, a lakeside town is where this whole fucking disaster started. The nazis then uncover some unholy relic thingamijig that looks kinda like a key or some shit. They proceed to stick their Teutonic noses further then they should have and somehow end up unleashing the remnants of Hell on the world.

Now, totally un-fucking-prepared for this, the nazis were unsuccessful at containing this little milk spill. hmm well little milk spill is an understatement, more like mother nature just shit herself. So the nazis decide to spill the beans on this shit, and the world decids be FRANDs with each other to better their odds of unfucking themselves.

The year is 2003, and no, bush is not president, there is no president. civilization is in shambles, and you are the last bastion of hope in an already doomed world, oh yeah, funny shit is, You're actually a reincarnation of Leon, as is your other FRANDS who are reincarnations of the other FRANDS back in the day. So turns out the world aint so totally fucked after all.

So you all travel around the world in search of crystal skulls and ancient Aryan relics ( Things like Devilseeker,Valor,Einlanzer) as you plan to route the demons and hit them real hard in the ass.

Now you're probably asking, if Cecil and the other guy from Ivandyl saga are immortal, then where the fuck are they? They make their cameo appearances as soon as God/Odin/Jehova/Yahwah/Allah wakes the fuck up and pays attention to whats going on.  Also, you're probably asking which fucking hell lord is in contol of these demon fuckers, the ruling hell lord now is like a collection of all hell lords, since they were banished to this purgatory type deal place 'n shit. All you need to know though is that this asshole is named The Schwarze Sonne ( Black Sun ) and that his powers are all the powers of all the hell lords.

All you need to know in the end is that Schwarze Sonne dies along with the planet, and that the last bit of mankind flew off into space inside some big ass space ship headed for Mars.

When they make it to mars they use this heavenstone thingamajig to create life and whatnot, and make Mars habitable. They then live happily ever after.


holy hanna

Remember kids, titties are good for you.

( and so are manatees. )

damn man, thats some epic sagas

Cecil wrote:
Remember kids, titties are good for you.

( and so are manatees. )

kk implanted in my mind forever :P  :mellow: