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so, incase you havent heard, im cancelling it. i just thought i'd let you know, so you can celebrate march on time. (in less than 2 weeks!) february is an unnecessary waste of time, so we're not putting up with it again. not this year >_<

is anyone here on my side? ^^

hmm sounds like a warish thing to do ok!

heres something to help your cause

february is black history month.RASISMS

well you guys can have june then

feb sux anyways

Satros wrote:
well you guys can have june then

feb sux anyways

Well.. Fuck you too
Smoke sum Bitch!!!!

Okay I agree Feb = Useless but PLEASE i have a four day weekend and a five day weekend in feb so spare it >=( get rid of may wtf is may..



thank you sat!

yes, may is my birthday, so may must stay.  kittie: i'll move your long weekends to march to give you like a 3 week long spring break or something.

thugg: er.. yeah. sorry <.< june IS nicer though xD


join it, kthx.

March.. what about november we dont need that many winter months..

november is okay with me, cause its holiday month ^^ every day has a designated holiday. i'll send you the calendar sometime o.O

december is good cause its christmas-y, january well we deal wtih january. march is spring break, and kind of even spring-like. february just sucks >_<

okay well since kar somehow gained the power to control time and the calendar and we are all beleiving in her power to cancel a month

can you also move black history month to march(aka woman's history month but no one cares about teh wiminz) and move kittie's breaks also to march?

yess. moves black history month and kittie's spring break all to march

there we go :D

and thanks for joining the group xD

uhh my 1 week spring break was already in march

so? now you have evern less school in march she didnt move your break

but someones giving me flowers >:[

er..what? o.o

thats.. really irrelevant stat xD

Valentines day homie..



Staticgirl wrote:
Valentines day homie..



Valentines day is retarted, hate it!

who calls it flowers day? XD other than stat =P

and yeahh, im with lucian here, i could live without it :P

But. All the yummy chocolate on valentines day D: I mean, I don't personally give anything but its the thought that counts..