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K so I had an idea haha how's about everyone send satros a epic video clip of something and we will make a sick war clan summer preview trailer (similar to the winter one but encompassing moar ppl) k?

Sounds pretty interesting.

would be cool, only we're lazybut if everyones up for it sure bro

Sounds good to me. We can have all the WaR members send us video clips of themselves doing random shit too. I know for our local PK group I have some ideasbut I think it should span all of WaR this time.

And no epic slapping my ass 300 times this time.


I wish we had all the Warclanians in one area, but I still think we should do this either way:
remake the classic Reservoir Dogs slow-mo shotonly us, and instead of Reservoir Dogs have it say War Clanas an intro to the online series. I feel like we need more people though

(although we could put their names in when the actual credits start to scroll up)

< has no vid cam

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!


k i took a poll and we all voted and agreed that this should be in there