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epic names!

who wants to help me choose baby names? =D EPIC baby names. nothing boring o.O so far i have twins named Batch and Box, twins named Rain and Cloud, a kid named Echo, and a girl named Scarlett Lenore ^^

(like, in my head. i dont ACTUALLY have any kids =P)

anyway. thats only 6, so i need more. ive decided im just gonna keep having kids until i run out of names, which hopefully wont be for a while. XD so any suggestions? ^^

emo names. ^

if i have a son his name will be Icarus, not after the greek guy who flew too close to the sun, but the cute pet dragon from dragon ball Z

LOL is it weird that like 4 yrs ago i wanted to name my kid atticus?

sat: my names arent emo >.< and naming your kid after dragon ball z? thats worse than being emo =P

bporr: like atticus finch? the guy from to kill a mocking bird?

or like, the toy from the 50's or whatever? =P

I feel baby names are a waste of time since kids are annoying >:[

=o theyre also cute and fun XD and if you have one, you sorta got a name it =P even the worst parents name their kids. maybe not GOOD names, but they still name the kids xD

kar you will forget to feed your kids

LOL. im pretty sure i cant, my breasts will just start oozing out milk, that might remind me.
will be a good mother XD

sattt do you remember that time you were like 'hey, if kar and wicky had a baby, it would be so stupid it wouldnt know how to breathe'

it just kinda reminded me of that. cause like. bad parenting and whatnot XD

not really lol was it after something he said that was really dumb?

i dont know xD i remember you saying he was dumb though. so maybe. (<3 you wicky if youre reading this.)

also fuck this ad >

ive never seen that ad.. and its kinda hard to see with the big red arrow XD which i assume you drew?

theyre in this thread, and the arrow is pointing to the BEEEEEES obviously god kar, arrows point to things, things to look at, instead of trying to look BEHIND the arrow

LOL. oh >_< i get that now XD haha BEEEEEES =P

oh no!!! BEEEZZ!!!!!!!!!!! 


Anyways for names theres someone in australia i think with the name Bus Stop22
But how about
Nynaeve - (Nin-A-Ve)

Id name my kid Indigo

INDIE, GO!  when they pissed me off
because their nickname would be indie.

:] (didnt just take that from her bffs dog..)

But im not having kids soooooooooo ha.

and no Kar they aren't cute.. my best friend tells me all the time that i guess i like stare at little kids she said to me one time in the mall "god, you always look at them like your gunna kill them, or like your stareing at them and are just sayin in your head 'hell no your gunna look away first!' " I laughed :]

I can babysit watch and be nice to kids but if i have to deal with em everday, id kill myself. :]

haha static xD do you know caity? or KT? or.. penguin? o.O she does that too. when she sees a little kid she just gives it the CREEPIEST look. its so scary =P

well caity is also a rapist.