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Epic Beard Man is epic.


epic beard man is epic

and here is an interview after the incident


hes a crazy ass war vet lol

the chick who recorded it


and finally the epic mortal kombat edition


A well put together compliation of the event. good job. this is gunna be CJ GUNS age 67

Didn't expect the nigga to get his ass beated so hard.. I thought the beard man will be thrown out of the us by the nigga..

Thanks ThuGG
Now I can't sleep anymore because of laughing.

I got on to see the hilarious discusion I thought war would have.

I am dissapoint.

yep i feel the same way brah i expected pages of lolz butnothin

Its because we are already /an aware + kar hasnt found this thread yet

new interview

vietnam tom=worst name ever but anyways i love this old man hes my freakin bipolar hero


Meme of the year.