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Emerging Trends: Cyber Hookers?

Anyone else notice that women are starting to dress like cyber hookers nowadays?

how do you feel about this? good/bad/bees?

first of all GAGA second of all black eyed peas cyber hooker = better

bPORR wrote:
second of all black eyed peas cyber hooker = better

i feel like shes manly, like she might rip off my dick

hahah and Lady Gaga wouldn't?

fergie is number 45 on the 2009 Maxim Hot 100.

and I dig the whole cyber hooker thing.

I don't care about IRL stipulations, I'll let LGG play poker with my member any day. hopefully on the space ship with the backstreet boys singing larger than life.  :(:3):

well aslong as she keeps her face nice and photoshoped

i feel like she never wears pants like her pants status is always non existent

logic equation if lady and gaga are present, then pants status = off

lmao, good point, i cant imagine her wearing jeans

If she DID
they'd be skinny jeans!

or like those black tights that every teenage girl alive has hahhaa

bPORR wrote:
hahah and Lady Gaga wouldn't?

omg look at her leggs thats just sickning im dry heaving . . .ack

Those aren't her legs legs, they are the light veil thing around em..


yeah its just her cyber hookering gear

im guessin that is too

Tampons are a normal thing
Not a big deal


i use an inverted tampon

cyber hooker is my dream job.

i WISH i got paid for this shit >_<

just start dressing like one and use autotune on your voice, boom your will be earning "cyber credits" in no time!