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Dwarven Work Sword

Well i was wondering how i do the back and forth slash..or someone told me it was weaving,you know were you do the same slash back and forth really fast with the dwarven work sword.Nobody has taken the time to simply tell me how to do it in game,so i am gonna ask you guys.Anyways thanks for the help.

its easy, you want to do the first two attacks when walking forward with the DWS, so press forward, double click, step backwards and repeat

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Ah well, its a good move, probably tricky to get used to, but at least you know how to do it now

no stat its not tricky its super easy actually you can master it in like 10mins

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there are different variations of it. you can doo it in simple circles or add dodging to does take a while getting used to in battle.. but gettign the motion down is easy.. its just timing you need to master

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