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Dragonball Z: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! (new)

First Dragonball Z film to be made over the past decade. Completely updated art style (much higher quality anime) and also mastered in HD (16:9). They even have 3D enhanced battle sequences now! It's due to release in the USA sometime soon, but you can watch it with YouTube's new widescreen display in high quality (if you can bare subtitles and annoying Japanese voices.)

Part 1: 2: 3: 4:
Enjoy! Probably better then the upcoming live action movieat least this one has like.Mini-Vegeta.

Let me just say, Part 2 gets a little random as they start picking radishes playing a joke on penis size. Apparently Vegeta's is like a foot wide.And don't forget the egg-wife!!

wtf lmao, ill watch this when im home tommarow at like 4am

ye i watched it and for a comeback out of nowhere after like 048343878275987 years it was pretty epic i hope they come out with more cuz i miss dbz

only if they had free HD porn, hmmm