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I ve been hearing rumors that Dp died again like after 2 weeks it was back,so are these rumors true because i dont want it to be.

no ideayou should check their forums.

Poeple take forever to post on there,i geuss you can say the forums are almost dead lol.

i see..well i wouldnt know cuz i dont have rune on this compYET

id say there dead, due to inactivity atleast lol

i mean i havnt heard anything like "the clan is dead cus of __"

but i havnt seen any1 wearing DP tags in about 3 weeks, unless u count sythest (i forget if he was wearign them tho), and even then, i told sythest to go on lol

i would be posting on OUR forum if you would activate my feking account(x100)