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Domain name

as we all know our domain name ran out, we are no longer

but now we have a hcnace for a new one

now most Warclan.*** are taken, so maybe we can try sumthing new, id liek to get a .com or .net, free registration of a domain name coems with webspace i wanna buy so we should think of one

before u suggest some make sure its aviliable

u can check here , jsut type the domain name in the "start a domain search" box up top

heres some to throw out that arnt taken, tell me what u think, also feel free to make ur own suggestions (com is taken) is pretty short and easy to remember

i agree with vb,i think we should use

woot .. and my name isn't vb

aaaaaaaaaaaa why do i miss ever thing

because your not Asian..thats why.