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[DMI] vs. -=RoV=- Fun War

Well,this fun war included me and Nemesis Vs. Lord_Sefirosu and Slingblade.As you know Sef,and slingblade were ROV team vs. me and nem the DMI team.So we fought 3 rounds of 9 matches,and the final score was DMI-22,and ROV-32,and i couldnt get screenshot for first round sorry.I would really want to thank nemesis,for he fought very well,and i was happy to have him as my partner,and to the ROV participants who did really well.(sling saved them many times)This Fun War was done mostly with broadsword and sheild so it was very lol matches lol,and we had decided to do the Fun War because it was late at night and nobody else was on,and we had nothing better to do!So Hail DMI and congratulations ROV!

The First Round was as follows-
Victories Defeats
-=RoV=-Slingblade- 6 3
-=ROV=-Lord_Sefirosu 6 3
(DMI*)Nemesis 3 6
[DMI]Triclone{WaR} 3 6

And here are some screen shots of the rest

2nd Round

3rd Round

And a pic of the Combantants with me taking pic.

Sorry i think i posted it twice.i feel retarded because ive been doing it a lot lately lol.


nice cw

, next win 1 round, for me
sling is good with broad and shield..