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DJ Hero

As you may have heard, DJ Hero is an upcoming game from publisher Activision, (and formerly Harmonix,) the makers of the popular Guitar Hero franchise. It is set to feature almost 90 unique mixes of eletronic artists as well as hip-hop, classic rock, etc. that the user will mash together in a familiar gameplay style. Obviously a Hero game would not be complete without it's controller peripheral: The DJ Hero turntable. It features a rotatable turntable, 3 buttons (like the buttons on a Guitar Hero guitar) effects switches, and crossfade.

It features well know disc jockeys such as DJ AM (may he rest in piece) and artists such as Queen and other bands.

I was initially skeptical about this seemed like it had a lot of normal bands, but not enough electric artists. The of course, in the past few days, all that has changed with this trailer:

Yes, Daft Punk will be featured in the game, INCLUDING 11 new mixes of songs spanning their entire library, AND THEIR LIKENESSES AS PLAYABLE CHARACTERS IN THE GAME! Can you say Robot Rock mixed with mother-fucking We Will Rock You?!

This game now has potential win quality.

the music looks epic but idk about the controls. they look awkward lol i dont see having fun playing it besides listening to the music

nah looks fail to me, im sick of these games, there just looking for more gimmicks to beat a dead horse


Oh wait, there's no Kanye? SUPER FAIL.

Looks like BEES to me.
And Bees fail.