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dear thugg...


Kar wrote:


Uhh yeah.. That's soo.. nvm..Even smarter than the antique wizard book.. (Btw I made an antique portofolio. I spilled coffee on it and I put dust between some pages. It looked like I traveled in time xD)

HAHAHA LMAO wowwww you actually messaged him..i wasnt really serious.lmao ur hilarious kar


Someone aware me

TwoSlot wrote:
Someone aware me


Well thugg was like if you get me joby ill marry you and she was like ok but couldn't find the video even though I said its in the video section 1000 times and she looked there but then i was like :troll: and she found the video so she messaged him asking for joby so she could marry thugg k? k.

i dont remember you ever saying that! =P about the video section but yes thats pretty much how it went. i feel a bit like a stalker though. messaging some random guy i have noo idea who he is. XD hope he responds soon