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CJ_Guns' Cycle Log

So today I am officially done with my cycle (including PCT), a total of 6 weeks.


Weight went up from 181 to 194lbs at the end of the cycle. Despite getting a really bad cold during my PCT, I have maintained at 191lbs. The gains were pretty lean and I dropped to 9% bodyfat according to my calipersalthough I gained a little stomach fat when I got sick, I was eating a bunch of sweets and crap because I was too tired to prepare proper food, and it was Halloween.

In comparison, pre-mononucleosis CJ_Guns weighed a solid 184lbs, so we can say a net gain of 7 pounds of pure muscle. Not back for a month and a half.

My lifts maxed out on my last week as follows:

Bench: 245x2 and 255x1 (was at the end of my set so I got a liftoff from my spotter)

Deadlift: 365x5 and 415x1 (no straps or gloves, ain't queer. belt was used)

Squat: 275x2 and  295x1

Military Press: 215x3 on a Smith (no spotter lulz) compensated the 30lbs lack of the smith bar with equal weight

Aesthetics: Well, I got bigger. My upper body changed a bit with the added weight, saw the most size in my chest. My legs had been battered by the mono, now they look decent (although still not as much as before). With the drop in bodyfat, I really got to see my abs for the first timethey are always visible even when I'm bulking, but they REALLY showed thicker too  :megusta: My lats got very large, bigger than before, which was a hard spot for me. Also my rear-deltoids are more well developed and proportionate to the rest of my shoulders.


  • eating 4000 calories a day is harder than it sounds
  • liquid nolva tastes like shit, even with the minty flavor
  • roid rage is a myth, noticed no changes in mood other than a bit of lethargy
  • sped up hair growth
  • actually had a DECREASE in skin oildon't usually have pimples either way but had NONE while on
  • that being said, I've broken out many times over PCT because of the hormonal changes
  • roids are the shiz
  • ur mad I am gunssssss

Now that I'm off, I'm back to my old routine. I had such a successful experience with H that I want to do another cycle in the future. Time on = time off, so it would be for a while. I'm thinking springtime for spring break. I'm doing research and think I have found the next candidate: Epistane (Havoc)a little more advanced. Over winter break I'll be running a non steroidal test boosting stack of supplements including NXT and BioForge to tide me over.

I will soon be going to the doctor to get a full liver spectrum done as well as hormone testslets hope my nolva wasn't bunk and my testosterone is where it should be! Certainly feels like it)

Yeah, roid rage is kinda just lulz, but how are your testes holding up, brah? :troll:

Edit: umad this post was originally posted at 11:11 on November 11?  :fuckyea:

TheFinisher wrote:
Yeah, roid rage is kinda just lulz, but how are your testes holding up, brah? :troll:

Edit: umad this post was originally posted at 11:11 on November 11?  :fuckyea:

Everything is it's normal size, I'm pretty sure my balls didn't shrink even while on cycle

banning people in minecraft is roidrage.

bruh.leave the roids alone..

Knight wrote:
banning people in minecraft is roidrage.

and fucking up peoples stuff is just poor humanity.  :jamieh: