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cecil is accepted, put on war taggs, have goat seks etc welcoem to teh clan

Congrats Cecil! Welcome to the family (not that I'm part of the family, but you know)

lol congratz man welcome to the fam BROTHA !!!

Lucian wrote:

stfu you dumb ass goat humpin cochroach fuckerjk lucianbtw GJ MAKIN IT INTO THE CLAN CECIL

lol u and ur goats thugg

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I BEES {{WAR}} Cecil now muahahahahaha
fear me for uhh i shall take ye gold. and ye booze.

hmm u Agin Dam u all.. - Fuckin tryion to be sober upin now

hahah o ya mattman sat n me wants to know ur gamertag

ye ..dam u mattmanalways showing up once a week on a random topic lololhopefully we will get luckly and he will post his gamertag randomly by luck a week from now while drunk lol

lol maybe ill c him on rune he;s always on when hes drunk
so that means hes on all the time!

Gamer tag theonelanone I tank dat wat it is mon

dont think so :/ lol


maybe its theonealone?
but hewas prob drunk so he slurred the words and was like BLZAH

k nvm hes just retarded