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Capture card

yo im bored of halo 3 already lol we should make some sweet halo vids only ill need a capture card so maybe we could gather enuff info on them how they work etc for me to buy one

im lookign for 1 less than 100 bux and i dont have a pci slot



you can call up my momma and she can get it for you (on tha low) cuz shes good at working the black market like that

too scared..


jedi.the links broken FIX IT


ThuGG wrote:
jedi.the links broken FIX IT




no not ebay


hmm looks good jedi, i think i may get that one


Dude id love to help make video, ive make some before but they suck XD

hey nice vids man, we could diffinatly use u whenever we decide to make halo 3 vids

heh ty ^-^