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Buttcrack Man has been spotted in Catalonia, Spain.

Also, creepy pasta.

Another spotting.

Omg, I saw this video like years ago and couldn't find it again.
Scared the shit out of me.

Lmao thats creepy wonder if its real or faked

The second one is more likely to be fake if you ask me. The first one, thoughWell, human eyes do not have the reflective structures to "glow" in cameras like a lot of animals' eyes do. It looks pretty real, but it sorta depends on if you believe in that shit.

The second video does, however, have that sound when, like, Gollum crawls out from behind that stump, but likethe camera is right on it when it comes out and nobody seems to notice. Hard to tell there. Those Spaniards were pretty freaked out, though. I think they shat.

Edit: I like, lawled hard in the first one when the thing turns around because it looks like he's getting caught fappin or something. lol

the first one is creepy but the second one, i dont see anything O_O =S all i see is a couple people running, then the fire, thats it..

There is a weird thing that crawls out from behind that stump and looks like Gollum. There's also a weird noise when it happens. It's probably fake, though. Like, considering they don't seem to notice at all.

edit: it's at like 0:06-0:08.

you gotta watch closer kar, at 0:07

ohh yea i see it now. thats weirddd yeah. o_O