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bPorr gets an Xbox 360: The OFFICIAL E3 2009 THREAD

Topic about E3, will be updated as event's unfold.

Brandon is getting a 360 after he reads this.


The Beatles: Rockband was demoed live on stage showcasing the ability to use three or more microphones at once for harmonizing, fully downloadable albums (Abbey Road being the first) and the exclusive "All You Need Is Love" track for Xbox 360 with proceeds going to some charitable fund. MS brought Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr onstage to close out the game.

Everything in GREEN is Xbox 360 EXCLUSIVE!!

Shadow Complex is a XBLA arcade game developed by Epic Games (Gears of War) supervised by the legendary Cliffy B. It's a side scrolling shooter with an expansive play environment using the Unreal 3 engine.

Joy Ride is a free XBLA Community game using our fail avatars in a cartoony free roam racing title. Normally this wouldn't be of any interest but I think it would be funny to see the WaR Clan out and ramming into each other.

Crackdown 2, the long awaited sequel to the popular free-roaming super crime game, (known for it's tie to the Halo 3 Beta) looks to be promising with a new storyline (the city is now infected), update graphics being less cel-shaded and cartoony, and offering enhanced multiplayer.

Left 4 Dead 2 was announced by Valve, taking place in Louisiana this time, could be a fun WaR co-op game I belive the trailer is online I'll get it in here soon.

Splinter Cell: Conviction was finally shown with in game footage, this time Sam Fisher is no longer part of the system, he is AGAINST the system.

Forza Motorspot 3 was introduced for all the racing fans. They promised that it would be THE premire racing game, and stressed it would be the best and most complete of our generation, beating out Gran Turismo 5 in both graphics and sheer content. Custom cars, new graphics and physics engine, over 400 licenced brands, and other car shit.

Halo 3: ODST was demoed by Bungie, looks like it'll be a really good game with 10 hours of campaign, intuitive co-op, and new multiplayeralso with an upgraded graphics engine from Halo 3.


HALO: REACH Teased at the end of Bungie's announcement. It is to be the next big game from Bungie. If yall have read the novel adaptions, you will note that Reach is a planet much like Earth that falls to the Covenant before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. This essentially makes this game a prequel to the trilogy, promising to see more basic and brutish Spartans? (Like the book) Badassness it's coming in 2010.

Also noted that Halo 3: ODST retail copies will come with an exclusive Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta key, similar to Crackdown and Halo 3 Beta**

Alan Wake is a completely new game about a writer whose own thoughts and fiction get translated into reality. Showing extremely impressive realtime gameplay graphics, this looks like a great game for the non-multiplayer person. The game is like a book, and is narrated by Alan Wake as you play through the game as himself, trying to find his wife/girlfriend and running from creepy death miner people. Oh and you have like a super flashlight that wards things off.

Other Big Announcements:

Metal Gear Solid: FINALLY coming to the 360, with Hideo Kojima revealing the next game (MGS5) for both the 360 and PS3, which will focus back on Raiden from MGS(2) more than Solid Snake. He also hinted at MGS4 coming as well. This is a huge blow to Sony as their list of exclusive games grows ever so thin.

Final Fantasy XIII: Square Enix showed off a real-time demo of the game running on Xbox 360 hardware for the first time. It looks as though the graphics are on par with the PS3 version, although the 360 game will likely come on 2-3 discs for space.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Had a live gameplay demo and looks stunning in the visuals department, all at fluid framerates that the first game was noted for. Also the gameplay looks even more fast paced than MW with a ridiculous snowmobile gundown chase scene. Expanded multiplayer was promised.

Crysis 2: The once PC exclusive franchise is going multi-platform intending to release the next installment on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Know other information was given.

Lego Harry Potter: If you cared, it was announced.


Becoming More Social:

Microsoft announced that it is exclusively partnering with none other than Facebook to connect the experiences of both FB and XBL directly to each other. You will be able to see your friends in game with their Facebook accounts, also use the normal functions like Pictures, Videos, Wall Posts, Status Updates, and introducing real-time uploading of video from in-game sources to share with friends.

Microsoft is also exclusively partnering with Twitter, the microblogging phenomenon hitting the world. (duh)

Adding the last media facet to the XBL experience, MS is partnering with to bring on demand music, sharing, etc. over Live.

ADDING TO THE NXE: Microsoft also showed off the ability to finally watch movies in a party, and even the ability to watch movies on other consoles from your own in a party (WAR MOVIE NIGHTS!)

Netflix has also been enhanced, more on demand titles, the addition of adding to your Netflix Queue directly from the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is adding On-Demand games to XBLA, actual retail games available for download without having to go to the store. Initially they will feature older 360 games, but it may become a way to purchase future ones without having to leave your couch. Prices are thought to be similar to retail.


People have complained about how the Xbox 360 lacks Blu Ray, and that the videos and movies offered in the XBL Store are only in 720p and somewhat reduced quality. At the Microsoft press conference, they added the answer to the Xbox 360. They are upgrading all current and future video content (movies and shit) to FULL 1080p with limited to no encoding reduction, comparable to Blu Ray discs.

Brandon is probably wondering, "Well Collin, it already takes about 30-45 minutes to download a full movie in HD over Xbox Live in just 720p (around 6-8 GB) It would take FOREVER to download the same movie in 1080p at twice the bandwidth!!!" WRONG!!!

Microsoft announced they are rolling out "Instant Play" which allows users to view HD movies in 1080p INSTANTLY WITHOUT THE NEED FOR LOADING OR BUFFERING. How they are going to do this I have no clue, but they instantly started The Dark Knight on screen in HD with no loading what-so-ever. Fuck the PS3!

*PROJECT NATAL: The Rebirth of Xbox 360 and Gaming in general.*

There had been a long rumored "peripheral" for Xbox 360 thought to be some kind of Wii-esque motion sensing control. The rumor had kept coming up for months and months with no official word. At the press conference today, Microsoft announced and demoed "Project Natal". The presentation was introduced by legendary film-maker Steven Spielberg, whose own studio is planning on investing in the tech and developing games for it.

This system isn't just so WiiMote knockoff. It is literally revolutionizing gaming by taking away the one "barrier" to players, the controller. For oh so long our reactions and actions could only be placed by jamming buttons, and the more buttons a controller had, the more sophisticated it was. Sure we have the Wii with it's motion sensing, but there was still that stick in your hand. MS has come up with a remedy by ELIMINATING THE PHYSICAL CONTROLLER ALL TOGETHER.

This system uses advanced technology to interpret full body movements in a 3D space, meaning there is no need for you to be wearing or holding anything. It has depth perception to know where the player is at from all angles, and is so fine that it can pick up single finger movements. You no longer need a steering wheel for a racing game, or a gun peripheral for an FPS. Just "pretend" your holding it, and it translates into the virtual reality.

This thing can even register multiple players in the field without interference or confusion. It contains a microphone with enhanced voice recognition, a standard RGB video camera, a light scanner for scanning objects and faces, and an array of other cameras/sensors to calculate the 3D space. Not much info was given but thats the most of it.

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing it in action, it doesn't seem like such a gimmick anymore. You can fully control the Xbox Dashboard with it as well.
They showed two impressive tech demoes, one of which was a painting game where you were given an actual picture and then bade to try and recreate it by throwing paint at the screen. It was amazing to see how instant the actions were translated from real life to VR. EVERY movement of the tester's body was perfectly shown on with the on screen character, even subtle changes in standing position.

Also, Peter Molyneux (Fable, Black & White) showed off his latest creation with Natal, a complete virtual reality AI system. It allowed the user to interact with a life-like child, who could recognize your face and voice as well as emotions through expression. THAT'S HOW FINE THE SYSTEM REALLY IS!! It literally scans your whole body constantly. The boy through something to the player, and be real-life reaction, the player felt the need to "catch" iteven though it was happening only in game.

More mundane features are voice controlling literally everything, and automatic sign-in of players as the sit on the couch and look at the screen, no more picking profiles it will remember you. It's no Eyetoy people. It can even pick out distractors (such as a dog running through your playing field) and make it so that it does not affect gameplay. No price point was given.

TwoSlot wrote:
Brandon is getting a 360.


TwoSlot wrote:
The Beatles: Rockband was demoed live on stage showcasing the ability to use three or more microphones at once for harmonizing, fully downloadable albums (Abbey Road being the first) and the exclusive "All You Need Is Love" track for Xbox 360 with proceeds going to some charitable fund. MS brought Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr onstage to close out the game.

Lols, how to kill music
you know every fggt is gunna get it and be like


Oh damn after I buy my newer car with H.I.D. Lights obvs hahaha

nice updates, damn i always feel like xbox shits all over ps3 after these things lol

im excited :3

sony's eye plus motion detection controller that they unveiled at E3 pretty much owned microsoft's camera which basically stole the idea of sony's eye in the first place

so the nintendo press conference was a huge fail with titles like wii resort and wii fit plus and a pulse sensor peripheral? who the hell wants that?  but they turned it around at the end with the announcement of Metroid: Other M, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Has no xbawx.
Hates beatles.
= not buying xbawx. :D

I'll add the Sony and Nintendo updates tomorrow I'm too damn tired


BPORR IS FINALLY REALLY GETTING A 360!!  :jamieh: :bulba: :(:3):

lol he will be "The rookie" in our halo odst squad, we will be attacking a barrack full of covenant scum, jedi will be in a speedo with a pistol and kill nubs, zaifos will steal my damn banshee, and then bporr will get taken away by the brutes and be brutally raped.


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Left 4 Dead 2 was announced by Valve, taking place in Louisiana this time, could be a fun WaR co-op game I belive the trailer is online I'll get it in here soon.

Can't wait for it <3