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so me and dann were talking about things we've used to smoke weed when we dont have any pieces, like y'know using pop can-pipes or bus transfers as papers or whatever, and he was like 'well i used to have this small bible that i would rip pages out of and roll joints with' and i was like 'O__O whaaaaaaaaatttttt!@!!!' and i sort of freaked out cause like OMG YOU CANT DO THAT, like, you'll get smited or something O_O im sure.

anyway. he lauuuuuuuggggghed and laughed and laughed for like 10 minutes because apparently nobody has ever reacted like that, his friends would just be like 'oh cool, joints', but i thought it was pretty horrifying O_O i mean. the BIBLE. would you guys freak out about that? if you saw somebody SMOKING the bible? O_O even if youre not religious its just, i mean, its the BIBLE. ohhhhhh dear.

hes such a character. XP <3

There is nothing in the bible about using it to roll joints.