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*beep* Where U At?

where is everyone, the clan is starting to die, were becomming inactive and spread apart from eachother, i miss you guys

lets stick together, lets not go separate ways

havnt seen many of us, seems like only ppl on forums anymore are myself, venom and..uh thats it pretty much lol, i ussualy talk to murd and kittie and venom everyday, but other than that i dont see many, on rune feel it, venom, murd and thugg i see, but alot of people i rarely see anymore, and even more of us are online just not communicating or playing games with eachother

so post here if ur still alive! and rmeber to try to post on the forums ATLEAST a couple times a week

sat u know im active im on rune and warRO atleats once a day i just dont post on forums alot

i visit this place every day <.<

Im in the mist, where iv always been

Whatever I don't see the fun in spamming anymore

Well im active but like i told u guys im also taking classes in college so fun barely happends

Nice tramp stamp krunk lol but sexy

Im sometimes active to but man being an adult things get so busy my bad

(quote)havnt seen many of us, seems like only ppl on forums anymore are myself, venom and..uh thats it pretty much lol.

heheh IM ALIVE!! i dont HAVE A PROBLEM!

  • throws smoke bomb and disapears * Farewell

sees syth try to sneak away out of the smoke

I hate the new look

Imma be getting crackdown tomorrow/wednesday.. and bulletwitch the following week, if you're getting either of those.

Other than that i've just been bored out of my mind

im around..ive just been busy lately.when time comes for my new laptop.(give or take a month or two) ill be around and just as annoying as my bro

omfg no fury do not be annoying like ur bro

stfu smoker.
and muyo.. bulletwithc?!?
and the halo 3 beta, is it coming with crackdown itsself or just a letter saying that u are getting it. cuz ive heard lots of tihngs.
dunno i'll tell you in like 20 minutes when I open it

good to hear most of u are all still alive

and yeah i realize like zod/krunk said ppl get busy, people will always come and go wether its school work, bills, computer probs, health issues, internet problems, social problems or even going to rehab for crack addictions coughhavik*(jk i love u man <3)

point is its understandable, theres jsut times i need to wake the clan up and get people talking here and there again or else war will no doubtably die i make these topics when the clan is dieing to remind people to not forget

oh yeah
@muyo tell us what the deal with halo 3 beta & crackdown is, cus if its a sure thing u get in beta i mgiht buy

@fury dont be as annoying as venom, i cant even understand what he writes to me (jk ven)



K just opened it and read the little certificate inside the case.. it's a sure thing

How it works in a nutshell is that they will be putting the halo 3 beta up for download on xbox live marketplace..
When you load up crackdown it has an option in the main menu "Download Halo 3 Beta" which is grayed out untill they release the beta, once they release the beta it will become active, and once you download it there will be another option "Play the Halo 3 Beta"

Once the beta is overwith though, they will patch it so those options are no longer available.

So yes, just buying the game you will be able to play the beta, no mail in forms, no sign up sheets, just get it and go (once it's available)



im here! im alive too! xD

are fury and venom brothers?? o.O

wait. i might have known that. but incase i didnt: woah!

anyway, yeah. is alive =D

btw, nice tattoo kiesha. =P