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arrgh post yer aresenal

fickt du. this is my arsenal.

anyways theres a 30-30 lever action winchester in there, O-dachi ( long sword), samurai sword set and my rambo knife.


which 1 is you mattman? the fat chinese guy?

nah hes the white guy on the far left with the hobo fro STRAIGHT UP GANGSTA yo squad is like scary matty and gimme a sword cecil

nah im the ugly motha fucka with shot gun on last one Sleepy is the one with De red rag!

too many to post atm..too lazy to walk around the houseill get to it eventually 10 various swords and a couple other random weps

pictures fury holding up his brother yelling " BEHOLD MY VENOMBLADE!"



Nice arsenal mate, i just might have to put the other seven guns up.
Thugg, swords are a hard thing to come by, battle ready that is.
and if you do find one, it'll cost a pretty penny ( its being the year 2007 and that swords or knightly weapons in general arent used anymore)
hell, some swords cost as much as a colt .45 or a really spiffy trenchcoat.
the only reason i would use a sword is if the my opponent pulled one out, lol like an epic highlander type battle.