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Anyone here know anything about audio editing?

For computer graphics I'm doing a rather, erm, ambitious movie, and seeing as I have all of 4 weeks to do it I'm going to need some help. The main issue I'm going to have is that I need plenty of half-decent audio and noises, and no clue where to steal some or how to make them.

Any of you feel like helping?

hmm my dad knows all about this stuff. ill ask him when he gets home

get brandon.

also theres plenty of free audio sites, ill ask some freinds

Thanks, both of you.

suicides np still have to ask mah daid im not home im at teh school right nowz

I know how to do that, havnt ripped anything off from anywhere yet because my stupid ass program wont work right..

yeah stat knows all about that from those pron movies she makes

yeah, its sad that they have no good story lines, unliek goatprons