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Any interest from WaR for TWL league play?

As the title mentions, I'm trying to see how many clan/guilds and players I can get on board to start a TWL TDM/Arena LeaguesMost likely will be 1v1's/2v2's for Arena.. and probally 2v2-5v5 for Tdm. I need as many people as I can get; to help get this started..

So what I'm asking is, would there be anybody from {WaR} who would want be interested in this and representing WaR?

PS-Yes, my last tournament finished successfully with a winner. So if we can get enough participants, I believe we can have this up and running pretty good in a matter of time

we arnt a fighting clan, jsut a bunch of random idoits


Well doesn't {WaR} stand for We are Retards?


But seriously, no interest from any of players at all in participating in this?

And if Canada ever gave birth to their only son, it would be you Satros

hehe actualy war stands for We Are Random , was retarded but the damn protestors wouldnt get the fuck off our lawn

my bro might bei would definately be down for it, but alas im having computer problems, im just gonna update my new shit in a couple months

Always give away door prizes if there are protestors Or just pile in a bus and ship them to Canada..

Alright Fury, just let me know..I need as many people as possible.