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Anime - Souljaboy Tellem

Yo this song is almost as good as pretty boy swag???


Wtf these songs don't even make sense lol, like I guess its cool that he likes dbz/deathnote/cowboy bebop but these songs don't even???

* “Bitch I look like Goku … Bitch I look like Vegeta … I’m hoppin’ at that old school. 64′ Impala swagger. Bitch I’m popping bottle. Back up. Bitch I look like Goku. Put up in my old school. Fuckin other ??? Super Saiyan swagger.”

* “Anime swag, I’m flying like Goku. Anime swag, when I pull up in that old school. Anime, drop past anime. Business chain, anime, and everything anime. Gucci skin, anime. My backpack, anime. My Xbok with the Glock cock that’s anime. Oh my god anyway, I’m balling out that avenue.” (Note: This is a different song from the first quote)

Man, looks like people of the world are becoming more and more retarded, how can someone listen to this guy?

Because rap is dead