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Am Getting Sugar Gliders!


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Number of votes: 17

Kay, so today after work am getting sugar gliders..
I'm getting two, I'm PRETTY sure that one is a girl, and one is a boy.. I need help with names. I think Satty and I decided that they should be WaR related.
(You can vote twice!)

Also, if you don't know what a sugar glider is..

Name the boy MattManFromTheForums

Name her Rebecca.

Also, my girlfriend is in love with these things. She wants one so bad. They're pretty cool.

You should name one Sir Selleck, Selleck, or Frederick the Great.

Perhaps even Voltaire. Just give it some long ass proper name, like Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.

or just go with Thuggulous.

Cecil! I was going to have Selleck as the fifth option, but I couldn't figure out how to spell it..

Jedi Maybe!

Ambulance, I've got a good friend named Rebecca; so that'd be kinda awkward.. She'd think I named it after her! They are pretty cool, though I've a friend with one, and they apparently love jumping off of things and trying to land on your head/face.

They're so adorable! :) They're asleep right now <3

name is Sir David Flammenwerfer Manjenssen the Seventh

Jedi wrote:
Name the boy MattManFromTheForums



i thought it was a type of candy til i saw the picture. theyre really cute though!

Sug'Gina Princess of the Glide

and Mr. ThuGGulous is winning :)