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"Aer Obama" - DAFT PUNK

Fucking [glow=red,2,300]win [/glow] :]

basically just live version of harder stronger faster with the word obama now and then lol
cool i guess thoooooooooo

cant ever do anythign cool can i? =P

NO >:O

were not supposed to like obama anymore cause he got elected now

D: SO!?

(i think..)


Adam Freeland is an amazing artist and DJ, check out his other songs like Mind Killer (sometimes known as Fear), We Want Your Soul, remix of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, and Adam Freeland vs. Gary Jules in Mad World (Gears Of War)

Sorry static :3

EDIT: and that's Aerodynamic from Discovery, not H.B.F.S.

Hey you know what

If you seriously go look every video ive posted is cOLD

and if its so cOLD
why didnt YOU post it?!


I bet you dont even know adam freelands dick size
therefore you know nothing about him OR his work

GOD its common knowledge!


< = happyface naow

oh your right it is aerodynamic my bad got the sounds confuzzed

OHHHHHHHH i get it


that makes it good now

hes 14.5 centimeters

imagine being at this, you would explode from the sheer epicness

i hope to god they release their new album and tour this year.

imagine RATM and DAFT PUNK in concert together, even though they would be like raging against teh machines (daft punks) but i mean they just wanna b human after all yamean?

but if that ever happened my dick would like turn into a firework, shoot off into the air, and explode into a swarm of flaming bees,

actually it still might

what the fuck just happened?