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Activity Increase?

feels like not many are aorund nowadays, lets get active, play some games, ill be playing a lot more once im done with my APs tuesday


ohok.. >.>



Just let me send you all the free trials to Warcraft

stop trying to get us to do warcrack! lolol

I'm gonna buy a 60 day card so I can waste my time on it again.

warcraft it isnt what i would call fun but its like runescape addicting? and if you're gonna start playing games wait a week till im on summer holiday

Yeah we should prolly wait to start being more active so that way some people dont get left out because of school, exams, yada yada

n every1 write when their school ends for the breaks and everything so like we can plan out when we should play games? my exams start may 21 and im done them by june 3

School ends June 6th. Exams start June 3rd. But its extremely possible that i'll be tossing 2 jobs this summer so.. Uhm.. yeah

May 30th for me

ya tosser! bloody hell already becomming an employed storyteller eh..

i start playing games tuesday, not that i dont have school anymore, jsut that APs will be over, and everything else is rediculously easy for me

Thats because you are a GENIOUS!!!

And hey, i need mon-ay for a CHAR so i can DEW Stuff

I'll play games whenever. Skewl iz 4 fgtz.

i've got alot of random traveling, but i'll do what ever nnn lost my rune though >.>

uhh mine and jedis ends like june 25th


seriously guys its fucking boring on the forums i feel like im just talkign to myself lol

what about GTA IV i play that on xbox live at my kinfolks house i own in GTA IV but its just like san andreas you'll get bored quick so dont play to much.

Rainbow six Vegas 2 i play also so whatever is whatever

I still play alot of rune and i wish everyone would get on doom 2 online like me its getting more fun now since they custom so many maps and it s easy to play so who ever wants to try that ill send a copy