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Do u like it?) Me yes! I'm a pirate! I've download over 500 Gb of pirate music in Internet. Did you?)

Behemoth wrote:
500 Gb of pirate music

and where you keep them?

that would be a big waste of memory on ur computer.

I have roughly 1.34 TB of space now. That's the 320GB internal hard drive, 1TB external, and 20GB from iDisk on the MobileMe network.

And I download all of my music legally on iTunes.  :jamieh:

Internal drives are C and D right?

Well then I have no external drive  :jamieh:

thats why you use RADIO STATIONS FTW

Darth wrote:
thats why you use RADIO STATIONS FTW

radio stations sucks

and btw your posts are 666 xD

Wow, really. =) lucky post =)

whatever rly

Everybody knows terrestrial radio is dead.

Thats why.YOU SHOULD INVEST IN SATELLITE RADIO! More specifically SIRIUS|XM Radio! They offer a wide variety of programming options to fit every ear!

Totally NOT a bit to try to get you to subscribe and thereby hopefully raise their holdings and therefore making CJ_Guns money. ;)

But seriously think about it. I WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY! Satros you're already good.

Lol my family owns like 5 satellite radios

rofl, well im fine with the internet radio (:

Rose wrote:

omfg sporticus SAVES TEH DAY :3

Pnik hair = hot

Satros wrote:
Pnik hair = hot

MMMM pink hair in a princess dress hahah


also inb4pedo

omfg not Lazy Town >.<

hate that its so childish.

Ellessar wrote:
omfg not Lazy Town >.<

hate that its so childish.