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A Serbian Film

It's not that movie when some bitch gives birth and the doctor fucks the baby right after?

I don't think so. Apparently some guy accidentally rapes his own son. The guy who is directing the movie (the one that's made in the movie) is just a sadistic fuck and he like, drugs the guy's wife and son and puts them under this blanket and tells him to fuck one of them. It's his son. Then his brother comes in and rapes the other one which is the guy's wife. Sounds pretty fucked up. Then he kills the guy by shoving his cock in his eye socket, lolwut.


that sounds like a horribly disgusting movie that i definitely didnt even want to know about.

death by skullfucking

Yea, it's really fucked up. But the movie is actually about the situation in Serbia, it has a deeper meaning no matter how fucked up it may look.

Three times.

three times what? you watched it three times?