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8th Grade Promotion

ok bitches,i just got promoted to high school!So when do the beer filled parties begin!?!?Anyways this is fucking awesome,and if you guys want,you can see me sexy self on my myspace wearing sexy promtion clothes.


So when do the beer filled parties begin!?!?

late junior year / senior year, if u know people. if u drink/party or wtv b4 that ur jsut a gay freshmen trying to be cool and bad.


and congrats, welcome to 4 more years of a bigger hell!

fu im a freshmen besh.
fine nvm im sophomore. but wtf. promoted to freshmen?? meaning u skipped a grade or ur school year is over and ur moving up to high school wit ur 8th grade class?

yeah when u say promoted u make it sound like ur school uses a military ranking instead of grades lol


freshmen are ok aslong as the realise there is no possible way they can be cool and need to stop trying lol

by sophmore year tho there better

ya junior to be seniors suck ass. acting like their big shit. ur not top of the school yet beshes.

no , im sure ur bro wuld agree with me venom that freshmen are gay lol

lool naww.

but we are still high schoolers.wich is all that matters lol.

wow youd get raped by upperclassmen if you went around school sayin HEY GUYS WE'RE ALL HIGH SCHOOLERS SO LETS HANG SOME TIME WE'LL BE BEST BUDS

here is the same shit everyyear, like 2 years of nothing when u are like 4 years old to 6, then school 6 years, when u are like 12 years u go to highschool 3 years and then u change to another high school 3 years, or maybe make something different, like electrisist, engeener, some computer man or something, if u choose high school there u do this 3 years and then u go to university . xDD
if u understund something u are like god,

look around for the partiestheyre everywhere!

wtf feel-it?/

wait 'freshmen' 'junior' 'sophomore'

whatt? crazy words.

freshmen = first year of that school

junior = second?

sophomore = oldest?

kar, uve already failed at life 8 times, and youve been to life summer school even more just dont speak..lolol

lmao that was hilarious,were is kar from?

lol freshmen= first year, sophomore=2nd year, junior=3rd year, senior=4th year,. kar=10th year


lmao that was hilarious,were is kar from?


damn you canadians.Go skate or something.