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420! anyone go to the protest?

sooo i guess its belated, but happy 420. i went, spent all afternoon sitting infront of the legislative building, was really fun =P anyone else celebrate? STORIES??

why would you protest?

Row Row Fight the Powah!

Protesting the legalization of marijuana? If and when it happens it will be taxed up the ass, and eventually the youth will move on to other drugs that aren't legalized. Just think about the big MARIJUANA companies (instead of tobacco) raising prices for it and most kids not being able to afford it. It's annoying enough to have people come up to you every five seconds and ask if you have a cigarette. A) Do I look like I'm smoking? No, I am on the phone. B) Even if I did smoke I wouldn't give one to you. C) If it was weed than I definitely wouldn't let you bum one.

As soon as it's legalized, people would have to realize it won't be the same anymore. I'm saying I'm all for it getting legalized because I wouldn't use it anyway, but they gotta understand that it will be the most heavily controlled substance by the feds. And remember, if you drive high you still get arrested for DUI.

nice debate and also it would be hard to tax anyway couse people could grow it in ther garden's  and they cant bann it couse than the labs couldent run test on it eather

i found a loooop hole  is it legal to have one marijuana plant in your house or yard, if you are not growing it for profit? Basically in my state Wisconsin its legal to possess up to an ounce of pot in private places

Yea, it's decriminalized in Vermont too, just gotta be in the privacy of your own property.

? Why would the youth move onto hard drugs? I doubt the feds would tax it so high for students not to get them? If the goverment taxed it, they'd make so much money they wouldnt need to tax it. 10 dollars for a dime, even if they took 5% of every dime sold, they'd be loaded

The only reason they really havnt made it legal is because they DONT have a way to test it, like alchohol. How would a cop be able to tell if a person was high, and be 100% sure?

So yeah, they should do what a few states are doing, decriminalize it.
Because if you think about it, what is a high kid really going to do on a friday night? (without alchohol..) Eat chips, play video games, sleep?

yeah and whens the last time you heard about a person high on weed and weed only shootin up everything or raping someone..NEVA, alcohol should be the illegal one

nah we tried that before, didnt work, if your compair how much people drink with the amount of drinking related crimes its not that bad, theres always gunna be crime, doesnt really matter what you make illegal and legal everyone should stop bitching and saying that weed should be legalized n shit cause things are fine the way they are, if i wanted to smoke weed 8 times a day without getting caught by the cops i could if i had the money, more important issues in the world

Oooh, this is my type of thread.
Alcohol and cigs do way more damage to your health than weed, weed could be a great alternative for those so the tobacco and alcohol companies would lose lots of money, plus weed ain't as addictive as tobacco and alcohol. Well, MPP calculated how much weed would cost if it would be taxed and regulated, what do you know, it would be cheaper than in the street now. Legalize!

I guess I just don't feel the need to waste money on something that will just make me sit around and do nothing. I'd rather be researching the market and making money. lol also inhaling shit into your lungs isn't and idea I like

yeah, i definitely think it should be legalized or at the very least decriminalized.

on 420 though, we're sitting at the leg, and this FAMILY sits down like 5 feet away from us and starts having a PICNIC. it was ridiculous.



ron paul  :'(