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10 simple ways to commit suicide

If you’ve come here with the intention of ending your life you’ve come to the right place. However, instead of the usual ‘how to end your life’ guides I’m going to list some of the ways in which you’ve already been killing yourself.

“To make yourself something less than you can be – that too is a form of suicide”
    ~Benjamin Lichtenberg

Suicide is the act of taking one’s life, but I think it’s suicide not to live our life to the fullest of our abilities and potential — with love, passion, and vitality.

If you aren’t loving the life you live, you’re already dead (or at least en route, ETA — soon). Use this article as an eye opener, if you will, and if there are some areas of your life heading south, see to it that you stop pressing the trigger.

  1. Make Money Your Life.

I’ve seen this problem rise up too many times before. Many of my college friends, who were so goal oriented and ambitious have found themselves struck with depression because they realize that their hopes and dreams are just a socially conditioned desire entirely dependent upon their monetary success.

We put so much meaning to money that we fail to recognize that it’s an inanimate object like any other. The truth is that money is green paper, something entirely bereft of depth and no testament to our personal value. That’s just the point! If you do value a green piece of paper as yourself, you are committing suicide.

  1. Detrimental Food Choices.

Think of your body as a machine. Every time you fill up on low-grade fuel, your engine is deteriorating. Likewise, if you take the easy way out – this can mean binging on junk food or eliminating food altogether instead of following a healthy diet – you’re killing your precious organs and slowly taking your life.

Fad diets and quick-fixes aren’t the solution. Life is a work in progress that requires our constant and consistent attention. Just like a machine, our body must be kept well-oiled, receive proper maintenance, and not be abused if we expect it to last.

  1. Destroying The Environment.

The legacy that we leave behind is solely based on our descendants. Whether it be the offspring of our offspring, or the future generations to follow, by destroying the environment, you are effectively making it harder for these people to survive.

If they don’t have an earth to call home, then whatever you’ve done, and however you’ve contributed to the world dies with them.We are so obsessed with our own property that we fail to see the greater picture. Learn to think of the earth that you live in as your home, all of it’s bountiful gifts as our access to pleasure, and our responsibility to keep it in the healthiest of conditions.

  1. Isolating Yourself From Family, Friends, and Society.

Our inability to come to terms with people, whether they be our loved ones, or others that we co-exist with, is a product of our self-righteousness.

We have to learn to embrace workability at the expense of being right.Instead of seeing people as relative to our expectations, we can choose to see people as endless possibilities. This means giving up being right, in favor of harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

  1. Allowing Your Judgments To Rule Your Life.

We can make what we think about people as a whole and as individuals the ultimate guide to our lives. By living that people are manipulative, or ultimately out to get us, we’re creating a world for ourselves in which we’re the victims. We can choose to live a life in which people are brilliant. We can choose to see faults as occasional bad apples rather than virtues as occasional good ones.

We must understand that our judgment is not outside of ourselves and that we can convince ourselves of anything and live accordingly. Have you ever noticed that when you deem someone a bad person, everything they do is not genuine, by default? This is because our judgment has created a world of its own, creating a defense mechanism that is not always good or necessary and may make you more cynical, not happy.

  1. Usage of Alcohol, Drugs & Very Excessive Smoking.

Don’t do it — need I say more? Okay, I will. By surrounding yourself with people whose attention is focused around such activities you are leaving yourself wide open to their influence.

The idea isn’t to prove day in and day out how strong and resilient you can be. Eventually you’re liable to have a moment of weakness. Do yourself a favor and surround yourself with people you admire, so that emulating them will be a blessing.

  1. Forgetting Your Dreams.

Throughout the course of our life we are all capable of losing sight of our dreams and become susceptible to surviving life instead of living it. This can come in the form of not doing what we love, making excuses for our lack of drive, and allowing others to access our limits.

Not that dreams can’t change over time, they should, but we allow them to adapt only to ourselves instead of to our circumstances. People will always have an opinion, but it is important to remember that we are not puppets and are not obligated to live into another persons vision.

  1. Giving Up On Growth.

Did you know that a shark must be moving forward at all times? The water runs through it’s gills, providing the required oxygen to sustain life. They’re even moving while asleep. In much the same way human beings must be subject to constant and never ending improvement in order to maintain happiness and fulfillment.

A person that stays still, much like a stagnant body of water, will become infested with doubt, and soiled with insecurities. We’re living in a world of change, so we must embrace change, instead of fearing and avoiding it.

  1. Losing Your Individualism.

It’s important to realize that in the grand scheme of things we’re nothing — quite insignificant. However, in order for us to avoid being swallowed up by the latest drivel to come by our senses we must maintain a strong sense of who we are.

Nothing else will keep us from being the victim of a charismatic dictator, an overbearing bully, an infomercial, or an enticing breach of morality. We must choose, not be chosen for.

  1. Apathy.

If indifference is the toxic that lacerates relationships, apathy is the venom that leaves us to a slow and painful demise. When the words “I Don’t care” begin to carry that same meaning, we must be on alert!

Once people give up on themselves they’re giving up on everything. Their lives become a day to day search for the minimalist pleasures that leave them believing that their lives are as good as they will ever be, with no hope for beauty, joy, and fulfillment. This is the paradigm of suicide.

“You have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.”
    ~Chuck Palahniuk

Hmm Your posts always entertain me Perhaps there is potential here

well everything that contains death, and hurting yourself in different aspects/ways etc, is in intrest for me.
ive always been actracted to death, violence and these things.
and i think suicide is a beautiful way to die

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and how will it help you?

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