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007 Casino Royal

YEAH, i saw this movie, um.. good movie, uh, sex.. AND O.M.G. GAY PART, OMG. DUDE, THE GUY LIKE.. nevermind i wont spoil it, but if you took a picture at the scene, you would think they were gay. GO SEE IT, LAUGH, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FRIEND YOU CALL GAY WITH YOU.. =3 much fun.


olol ya my parents saw it. they said it was good. i think??!?! i dont really remember

I ain't really into seeing it, so wuts so gay bout it?

Lucian wrote:
I ain't really into seeing it, so wuts so gay bout it?

aight aight, they have this chairs with like really thing braided wood thing? well they cut that out so it was just the frame of the chair. if you sat in it, your ass wouldfall out. Well they sat james bond in it, and this dude had like a rope, with a HUGE knot at the end of it. He would whipp it around then throw it under the chair.. anyways, bond would scream and start saying "yes! YEs! ahahaha, wait i have an ich, little to the right.." The guy with the rope would pull up a stool, and sit litterally 1-5 inches away from him.. oh, did i mention bond was naked? =P

lolol ya thats pretty geh

Venomblade wrote:
lolol ya thats pretty geh


i dont really find all bonds movies good its never enough action ill dig Mission impossible movies before that.

Oh yeah i guess they were tring to make the homos feel at home if they was wtching the movies they starting to put alot of gay shit in movies these days